Jack Schwartz @Temple B”Nai Israel (Boca Raton, FL)

Have you ever seen a nine foot Robot Laser Man lit up from head to toe wielding a CO2 gun, dance?!?  Well, thanks to Jack Schwartz’s celebration, now WE have!  This high energy Bar Mitzvah was filled with surprises by E Squared while Rock With U kept the energy high all night long.  Aside from the fact it was another amazing SRE Event, there were a few standouts of the night.  The grand entrance made by the man of the hour!  Jack came right through the middle of the massive LED screen and straight onto the dance floor where he showed us all some pretty impressive dance moves.  Shortly thereafter, an LED nunchuk wielding Club Girl took the energy level to new heights, and just when you thought it was over, along comes the Robot Laser Man!!  People scampered TOWARDS him just to get blasted by the CO2 gun and dance under his legs!  ANother back patting surprise was, prior to this event, we did an amazing photo session with the ever photogenic Jack at our studio.  The Schwartz’s proudly made six giant blowups from that session to enhance the wall treatments which helped bring the decor by Dalsimer/Atlas to another level!  While guests stood agaze at his photo session, the lights went out..blacklights came on.. and out came the Club Kids bearing gifts!! This group was a total hit!!  You will just have to take a look at the photos and see for yourself.  Our words will not do them justice….

Photography: LuvRox Photography

Event Coordination: Sara Renee Events

Location: B’Nai Torah

Decor: Dalsimer/Atlas

Specialty Acts: E Squared Concepts

Entertainment: RockWithU

Videography: Ruben Senderey

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